Raw Feeding Seminar Testimonial | Four Muddy Paws - A Self Service Dog Wash and Healthy Pet Market | St. Louis, MO | Edwardsville, IL
Raw Seminars – Hugely Informational and Fun!
  • Here’s some recent testimonials from our free raw seminars!

    Four Muddy Paws went above and beyond our expectations. They knew everything there was to know about Raw Feeding, brought samples for us to see, statistics and science to back what they told us. We even left with a “doggie bag” of multiple free raw feeding samples… !!!”

    “…thank you so much for getting this seminar together! It was hugely informational and fun. Jeff, co-owner of 4 Muddy Paws, presented very complete information. He told all about the various brands and formulations available, benefits, and how-to. We had lunch before the seminar at Square One Brewery and then adjourned to their spacious upstairs meeting room. Square One Brewery served complimentary HOT pretzels in the meeting room! After the seminar Jeff opened 4 Muddy Paws so we could check brands and prices. Four Muddy Paws gave each of us wonderfully generous sample bags to take home with us. I gave this Meetup event Five Stars! Thanks…..!”

    “Thank you for organizing this seminar! I am looking for a new dog food – since P&G bought Natura last June. (I was feeding Innova Small Bites.) I had no idea how to find information about feeding a raw diet and how to find someone who could tell me about their experience with the raw food diet. Jeff was an excellent speaker! He presented lots of very helpful information. His knowledge of the subject was evident. He has done a huge amount of research. And, he answered all of our questions. Now I feel confident this is the right thing to try. And, I know that I can talk to Jeff or Matt at Four Muddy Paws – if I do have anymore questions. Jeff gave us some book titles to use as resource materials. He suggested some brand names of dog food & dog treats to research & try. He also explained that a “recreational bone” is a treat and is different than their food. After the seminar, they let us shop in their store and we received goodie bags for our dogs.”

    “I’ve wanted to try raw feeding, but I didn’t know about the prepared diets. I think that’s the middle step I need to start the process. I will definitely be back to Four Muddy Paws!”

    “This was very informative. The representative from Four Muddy Paws gave an excellent presentation which was enhanced by the attendees who have had exprerience with raw feeding.”

    “Lot to digest, no pun intended, LOL. Lots of info.”