We were honored to be chosen by the Riverfront Times for the Best Dog Groomers in their  2015 Best of St Louis Awards. We’re very proud of our grooming teams in both of our shops.  We’re passionate about the health and wellness of your pet at Four Muddy Paws and all of our groomer’s first priorities is taking care of our clients dogs and cats.   Thank you for your support over the years – we truly appreciate it!

You can get just about anything your dog could ever desire at Four Muddy Paws, the surprisingly large storefront boutique that has flourished on Lafayette Square since 2007. (There’s also a second location in Edwardsville, Illinois.) There are toys and games, tasty raw foods, even stylish clothes if your mutt is into that sort of thing. But the reason we’ve become regulars here has nothing to do with what our dog wants — and everything to do with the thing he’d most like to avoid in life: grooming. The staffers at Four Muddy Paws are gentle with even the most troubled dogs, soothing them with soft voices as they clip away at the most sensitive areas. They even handle puppies. Is your dog into spa days? You can also bathe him yourself; prices start at just $14. 1711 Park Avenue, St. Louis, 63104. 314-773-7297.