You always know when you’re in a fellow pet-lovers home because there are gentle (and sometimes not so gentle!) reminders that a pet or two live there.  It might be a crate in the corner, blankets on the davenport or toys in the toy box (or more likely all around the house!).  The most ardent pet lovers are beginning to actually incorporate their pet’s needs in their home’s interior designs.

Here are some ideas and resources to get you started in your own home building and remodeling projects.

Your Pet’s Own Private Window to the World

dog-window-5-copyGiving your pet their own window might seem like a true luxury but giving them the opportunity to view the world outside from the comfort of their own bed might be just what they need.  We’re actually seeing more of this happen in the design of kennels and daycare facilities around the world too.

The concept isn’t really that different from Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece, FallingwaterFallingwater.  When you’re sitting in the main living area you see through the middle of the view – you cannot see the top’s of the trees or the bottom but just the middle putting you right in the action and creating a visual panorama immersing you in the environment so of course the idea can be applied to dogs (and cat’s) as well.  The blog, Barkitecture, has some great photos and there are more ideas on Houzz as well..

Dinner Time!

Built In Feeding StationKitchens are a popular room to remodel particularly if you’re not doing an entire home remodel. Every pet home has their own feeding zone but how about incorporating dinner (and breakfast) time into your home’s decor.  We often see this built right into the cabinetry either open like in the an island or in a pull-out drawer. It’s like using a raised-feeder for dining which can be more comfortable for your dog and could reduce your dog’s chances of intestinal issues like bloat.  Houzz traditional kitchen with feeding stationOf course, you want to make sure the space you design works for your dog and that’s it creates a comfortable space for them and that’s it’s placed appropriately in the kitchen design.  As you can see from some of the photos and other projects you’re only limited by your imagination.  We’re considering adding a faucet above the boy’s water bowl to make it easy to keep it filled up.  Having it attached to a RO filtration system in the basement will give them pure drinking water all the time.

Kennel Up!

dog house under stairs for MaxCreating a safe space for your dog to sleep and relax is very important.  Crate training can be a very good practice to incorporate beginning when your dog is a puppy but finding an aesthetically pleasing kennel/crate design can sometimes be challenging but finding and utilizing hidden and sometimes wasted space in your home can be perfect.  Check out Atticmag’s and TMS Architects for other stylish spaces designed just for pets. Making sure the space is big enough for your dog, has appropriate airflow as well as temperature control, proper location and ensuring it can be easily cleaned are critical considerations when you’re planning the space. Your dog nook might be a corner cabinet or it might be a home under the stairs (a la Harry Potter) but whatever it is is can help you create a unique home environment for both you and your dog.

In the Dog House!

amazing dog houseAnd some dogs prefer an outdoor space.  The sky’s the limit when you’re creating an outdoor space for your dog.

Reclaimed Wood Dog HouseDog houses can be as simple as a traditional house with reclaimed wood (like the one William Sonoma sold last year) or a more fanciful raised dog home. In fact, you could build your own vintage-inspired dog house using reclaimed wood from from a discarded shipping pallet or even old barn wood.

Vintage Trailer Dog HouseAnd don’t forget camping!  Creating a custom dog house to match your vintage trailer is the height of vintage Glamping! Here are more fun designs to re-imagine for your backyard.