Summer Bath Pass

Event Info:

  • Start : May 06, 2022
  • End : September 04, 2022


Our Summer Bath Pass is On Sale May 5!  

After a two-year absence, our Summer Bath Pass is back. It's the best deal of the year!   

As kids we were always excited about getting our Summer Swim Pass we could pin on our swimsuit so we could swim all summer long - well our Summer Bath Pass is kind of like that except a) it's for a bath instead of swimming and b) thank goodness we don't have to pin it to our dogs!     

Here's what our Summer Bath Pass is All About

You get UNLIMITED Self-Service Washes all summer long from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend for only $39!   

Here are the details:   

One Summer Bath Pass per Dog   

The Summer Bath Pass does not count toward your WAG Club baths, but no worries, as we keep track of those for you so they'll be waiting for you when the Fall season begins   

The Summer Bath Pass can only be purchased in-store beginning on Friday, May 5