Our Spring weather has been very wild this year and it’s certainly been a challenge for both ourselves and our pets as we all try to keep everyone safe during our major weather events.  

We thought it would be helpful to give you some steps to take to make sure your pets stay safe and secure during our weather emergencies. 

Taking steps to prepare your pet for severe weather and/or disaster: 

Stay calm!  Your pet looks to you for leadership and they’ll sense your energy levels.  If you’re calm the more likely your pet will be calm as well. 

Take your pet’s to your shelter area BEFORE an emergency.  Get them more comfortable to the space.  Play some games, do a little training, make it fun!  Then they’ll be going to a familiar place during an actual emergency. 

ID your pet with a collar with identification. Micro-chipping your pet is the best way to increase your chances of being reunited with your pet if you are separated. 

When you make up an ID tag for your dog, add an emergency number for a friend or family member who does not live close by. Folks learned during Katrina that, when there was a major disaster, phone numbers for owners and even veterinarians were worthless. Oftentimes microchips did not even help because there was no way to reach the people linked to the pet. 

You can also add your mobile phone number instead of your home phone which is especially good if you’re traveling with your pet. 

Have a plan with your family for what do in an emergency – make sure everyone is on-board with the plan and understands it. 

Plan in case you are detained and can’t make it home.  Have a plan in place to ensure someone will be contacted and will have access to caring for your pets. 

Prepare a disaster/emergency kit and have it in place where you will take shelter at home during an emergency.  You will not have time to pull it all together in the moment. 

Food & Water for 5-7 days 

Copies of current medical records for each pet 

Medications and basic first aid kit 

Current photograph of you and your pet, in case you need to post it for a missing pet or to prove that your pet belongs to you 

A Leash, Collar and/or harness for each pet 


Toys, treats (frozen treat-filled Kongs are great) 

A Thundershirt if your pet is afraid of storms 

Written directions for pet care, vet information, routines, etc. in the event you need to board your pet for any period of time.