Introducing  Glandex!  Here’s our personal testimonial. 

Our puppy Potter (Chihuahua/Rat Terrier mix) was not expressing his anal glands on a regular basis even though we feed him a raw diet. So instead of having to regularly express his anal glands or potentially have to consider surgery we looked for another option and discovered Glandex and it worked!  Ever since we’ve started Glandex he’s now naturally expressing his anal glands. 

Your dog may have an anal gland problem including scooting, excessive licking of the anal area, straining to defecate, releasing sudden foul (really foul!) odor, pain or discomfort in the rear end, or bleeding/swelling of the anal area.  Cats may defecate outside the litter box. 

Glandex works from the inside out to promote healthy anal gland functions.  With a unique fiber blend, it creates firm and bulky stools plus it contains anti-inflammatories as well as probiotics to promote digestive and immune health. 

Of course, working with your veterinarian is important to determine the underlying cause but only a very small amount in a powder or chewable treat each day works wonders for our Potter!