Feed Better. Feel Healthier. Live Longer. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for as we go through life? These principles certainly apply to both our pets and us.   It starts by simply making some changes and building the foundation of a healthier life style. We know from experience that making better and healthier choices in what we eat makes us feel so much better. This applies as well to our pets. At Four Muddy Paws we’re passionate about the physical and emotional well being of your pets.  We’re not just a pet store – we’re your healthy pet market.   

Feeding Better  

Our pets depend on us for their dietary needs. We can get them on track for a long and healthy life by being more intentional about what we’re feeding them.   Looking at the ingredients, finding out about the processing techniques, and learning more about the sourcing of ingredients is key. The more information we understand in building a healthy diet the better we can apply this knowledge when it comes to our pet’s health.   The goal at Four Muddy Paws is to help you on this journey. We strive to offer your dogs and cats many options when it comes to healthy, natural diet strategies. We know that every animal has different needs and that’s why we carry our curated selection of food, treats and supplements for your pets. We set high standards in quality of ingredients including sourcing and processing offering you many healthy options in finding the right combination for your pet always with the goal of moving toward a fresh, less processed diet.  

Being and Feeling Healthier  

So being healthier and feeling healthier are really two different things. We know that if we eat more fresh, less processed foods and eliminate sugar from our diet we feel healthier. The brain fog lifts and we have more energy to get through our day. The same thing happens in our pets. Moving toward a diet that’s less processed and made with fresh, whole, natural ingredients and one that’s low in sugar (and with a low glycemic index) will result in your pet feeling healthier.   This helps to reduce the inflammation in our bodies and making them more efficient.  

The move from feeling healthy to actually being healthy involves a little bit more. This is a long-term process for your pet. You need to make at least some long-term changes in their diet and lifestyle. Sometimes that’s a small change and that’s where typically everyone begins. Being consistent is key to going from feeling healthy to being healthy. This is no short-term process. Being more intentional about everything you and your pet eat is so important. Becoming more educated on your options and continuing to build on the foundation of good health is key to being healthy in the long-term. We can help you learn more about what steps might be appropriate for your pet.  

Living Longer  

Our good health, of course, is not about diet alone but consists of our mind, body and spirit.   Our goal should be to feed not only the body but the mind and spirit too.  We need to give our pets opportunities to be the dogs and cats they were meant to be. Be More Dog. Be More Cat. Giving them safe ways to explore their environment, challenging them in sports like nose work and barn hunt that play on a dog’s natural abilities. Giving cats opportunities to play and explore their world (up and all around) is so important.   Play games with your pets. Take training classes that let your dog be a dog and build an even stronger connection with each other.    

Proper grooming is also an important pillar of our overall health.  Keeping nails trim, teeth clean and the coat and skin in good condition all stems from good animal husbandry and we’re committed to assisting in that process with our self service wash and professional grooming options.   

Being healthy isn’t just about eating the right things, although this is the foundation of good health. It’s also about being in the moment, being aware, being alive, being connected with others. We’re all social creatures. We need each other and our pets need us. Oftentimes they reflect our own emotional states.  

As we stated in the beginning we’re committed to the both the physical and emotional well being our your pets at Four Muddy Paws.   We’re here to help you to begin your journey and carry on to Feed Better, Feel Healthier, Be Healthier and Live Longer. We all had to start somewhere. We’ll always be with you along the way.