Can something so simple actually be beneficial for our dog and cat’s nutrition? That’s the case with Raw Goat’s Milk!  

Here’s just a short list of the conditions it can help with:  

• Skin conditions  

• Allergies  

• Urinary Tract Infections  

• Kidney Disease  

• Kidney Stones  

• Cancer  

• Obesity  

• Diarrhea  

• Constipation  

• Poor Digestion  

• Picky Eaters  

• Anti-Cancer  

Raw goat’s milk is a natural probiotic offering better digestibility of your pet’s food and it contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), which is found only in milk from grass-fed dairy animals. Studies have linked CLA with a lower risk of cancer. Raw Goat’s milk is also perfect for sensitive digestive systems including those dogs with irritable bowel systems and it’s a natural antihistamine and has anti-inflammatory properties which can help reduce the effects of certain allergies.  

A couple of common questions usually come up when you mention goat’s milk –  

I thought dogs and cats couldn’t digest milk? Why raw goat’s milk and not cow’s milk? Well, dogs and cats can’t digest the cow’s milk we purchase in our grocery stores. It’s been pasteurized so it’s missing a key enzyme, lactase, that’s required to digest it and break down the lactose in the milk. The heat processing of pasteurization destroys  lactase and that’s what makes it not appropriate for our pets. Raw Goat’s milk on the other hand is not processed and being a whole food contains many beneficial enzymes including lactase making it very easily assimilated by our pets. In fact, raw goat’s milk can be digested in as little as 20 minutes.  

What about the safety of unpasteurized, raw goat’s milk for dogs and cats? Today’s certified raw milk is produced under stricter standards than pasteurized milk. Raw goat’s milk also contains naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, trace elements, enzymes, protein and fatty acids all easily assimilated by the body.herd of goats  

Go Easy – Go Raw!  

Have you thought about adding more raw foods into your pet’s diet? There’s no easier way to do this than with adding raw goat’s milk into your pet’s diet. It’s the equivalent to giving them raw organ meat, raw fat and raw bones. How easy is that? It’s easily added to your pet’s diet as a treat or added directly on top of your pet’s food.  

Already feeding raw?  

Just an ounce or two can be beneficial for you pet adding moisture and all of the other nutrients in the milk making your pet’s diet even more digestible. And it’s perfect if you’re feeding a freeze-dried raw diet. Just rehydrate your pet’s freeze-dried food with goat’s milk instead of water. It rehydrate within minutes and really increases the convenience and ease of feeding a freeze-dried diet. Plus since the goat’s milk is over 70% moisture it helps to give your pets the needed moisture plus incremental raw nutrients.  

Picky dog or cat at home?  

Mixing in raw goat’s milk can help increase the palatability of your pet’s food and it makes it easier for them to digest. A win-win for everyone!  

For more information:  

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