In 2019 over 7000 cats and dogs were euthanized in St Louis alone.  Our local rescue groups are doing a tremendous job in finding our abandoned and homeless pets new homes but what really needs to happen is to get more of our cats and dogs spayed and neutered to reduce the number of pets that are euthanized in  St Louis. Here are two groups in the region that are trying to make a difference. 

OpSpot – Operation Stop Pet Overpopulation Today! has a mobile Spay & Neuter Waggin’ allowing them to go directly into the neighborhoods that would otherwise have minimal opportunities for low-cost spaying and neutering options. 

The Carol House Quick Fix Clinicis a facility at 1218 S. Jefferson (at the corner of Rutger & Jefferson in Lafayette Square). This will be the first nonprofit, low-cost, high-volume, spay/neuter and wellness clinic for the St. Louis Metropolitan region. 

St Louis Area Euthanasia Statisitics

Other Low-Cost Services Available: 


BARC St Louis

Humane Society of Missouri / AMCMA

Pound Pals/Nooterville

PUPS/Prevent Unwanted Pets

Metro East/Illinois Options:

Metro East Humane Society

Gateway Pet Guardians

Additional options for low-cost spaying and neutering can be found at Metro Animal Services