Our dog, Salem, had to have some minor surgery at one point in his life (still looking a little groggy in the photo!).  The effects of the anesthetic on his body last far longer then the procedure itself.  He also suffered from seasonal allergies, particularly in the spring, with a lot of itching, licking and red eyes.  We discovered that Milk Thistle helped his recovery and in combination with other allergy treatments helped to keep our senior boy in top shape. 

Mile Thistle or otherwise known as St Mary’s Thistle is a proven natural anti-oxidant supplement for the liver.  It can help in the regeneration, protection and detoxification of the liver particularly after any poisoning, liver-toxic drug such as chemotherapy for Cancer and any other chemical use. 

According to holistic veterinarian, Shawn Messonnier DVM, “Milk Thistle is one of the few herbs that have no real equivalent in Milk Thistle the world of conventional medicine.”   With so many studies behind it showing the benefits to the liver, traditional medicine has evolved to recognize it as a unique and effective natural treatment. 

Milks Thistle is also very effective at tackling chronic skin disease such as seasonal allergies in the Spring or Fall especially allergic dermatitis.  In addition, it can be used for any liver disease or kidney, spleen, or bladder problems.  

Milk Thistle has also proven to be effective in the treatment of leptospirosis, parvovirus infection, hepatitis, jaundice, pancreatitis, hepatic lipidosis in cats and recovery from drug use or anesthesia. 

Milk Thistle contains a compound called Silymarin which works by scavenging the free radicals in the liver and preventing liver damage from many toxins.  It actually allows the liver to grown new cells and regenerate it. 

Herbsmith MilkThistleIt’s very safe but the purity and quality of the product is essential.  A product of inferior quality can contain mold and cause more issues for your pet then helping them.  That’s why we believe in the effectiveness and purity of Herbsmith products including their Milk Thistle.  It’s organically grown and freshly ground.  Best mixed with either raw or canned food none of our dogs have any issues with palatability of the product. 

As with any product there are a few precautions.  Do not use on pregnant animals and do not use it as a daily supplement but reserved it’s use for conditions where the liver is under stress. 

Always work with your own Veterinarian in establishing a wellness plan for your pet but keep Milk Thistle in mind when your pet’s liver needs a little extra support! 


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