Four Muddy Paws is a proud supporter of the development of new green power sources through participation in the Pure Power program created by Ameren Missouri and has earned the Ameren Missouri Pure Power Gold Leader title. 

We’re passionate about the health and wellness of your dog and cat AND we’re passionate about the health and wellness of our communities and our world.  We believe it’s our corporate responsibility to be a catalyst for change and help leave the world in a better place for future generations. 

We make a Difference Every Day! 

In 2013, Four Muddy Paws helped reduce the release of 60,471 of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere! That’s like taking almost six cars off the road for a year! 

We Support Renewable Energy! 

By participating in the Pure Power Program, Four Muddy Paws helped support the generation of 37,500 kilowatt hours of Missouri renewable energy like wind energy. 

We Make A Positive Impact on the Environment! 

We were able to support a similar carbon emissions impact as planting 710 tree seedlings! 

We’re GREEN and we’re SOLAR! 

Earth Day Recycle Replenish ReuseThis is in addition to all of our other efforts we take to be an environmentally responsible company including our Solar program and our dedication to recycling. 

Pure Power is Ameren Missouri’s voluntary renewable energy program and the U.S. Department of Energy’s 2008 New Green Power Program of the Year award winner. Business, commercial and industrial customers participate by buying blocks of Pure Power at a cost of an additional $15 a month for every 1,000 kilowatt-hours used. Residential and small business customers can buy blocks or add an extra 1.5 cents/kilowatt-hour to their monthly bills, offsetting up to 100 percent of their energy usage with clean, renewable energy. Pure Power funds are then used to purchase Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) from Green-e Energy-certified wind farms and other types of renewable energy sources. Customers receive credit for those RECs.