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Dry & Canned Pet Food in Edwardsville, IL

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DRY & CANNED FOOD for Dogs and Cats

Natural Dry & Canned Food

At Four Muddy Paws, we only carry premium all-natural dog and cat foods that meet the highest quality and our high criteria. Fresh and natural ingredients are key. Less processing results in more bio-available nutrients for your dog plus our dog and cat foods feature only all-animal proteins. We do not carry any foods that have non-animal protein ingredients (e.g. wheat, rice, or corn gluten) as these boost up the level of Crude Protein but not in a bio-available protein form your dog and cat needs. 100% of the protein in the foods we carry comes from identified animal sources. All of our foods appear annually on Whole Dog Journal’s food review. Our all-natural dog and cat food offer superior nutrition than most other dog and cat foods available.

Our experts can help you find the right food for your dog. We do recommend that you add variety to your dog's diet by mixing things up a little such as adding canned food to an all-kibble diet. Try adding some canned food in the morning and then dry kibble in the evening or vice versa. Or alternate your dry kibble with raw or pre-mixed food. Challenge your dog with puzzle toys. Put some canned food in your Kong toy pop it in the freezer for a while and then when it’s time to keep your dog a little crate time just take it out and pop it in their crate. They’ve got a full belly and you’ve got a tired dog! It’s an easy way to mix it up a little in a healthy way.

Looking for a special dog or cat food we don’t currently carry in our stores? We’re happy to special order it for you as long as it meets our nutritional guidelines. Just ask someone on our team for assistance!


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