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Hare of the Dog Available in Edwardsville, IL

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Discover what Mother-nature has always known..dogs love Rabbit!

Four Muddy Paws is proud to carry Hare of the Dog in Edwardsville, Illinois. Please email us at, call or write us and we'll respond just as soon as we can. If you have a question that needs immediate attention, please call (866) HEY-ETTA. If you are a retailer or distributor and are interested in TREAT PLANET, LLC products, please be sure to provide us your physical address and phone number so we can better respond to your inquiry.

Our Products

  • Bagged Rabbit Dog Treats
  • 100% Rabbit Jerky Treats

Come visit our healthy pet market in Edwardsville, IL! We offer professional pet grooming & a self serve dog wash and specialize in quality food, baked treats, & supplies for cats and dogs.